Sensory play sandbag
Sensory sandbag
Handmade sandbag
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Sensory Sandbag’s - Animal

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Handmade Sensory Sandbags by Sweet Daisy - Animal

Sensory Sandbags are handmade using a variety of tetured materials creating a touch/tactile sensory experience. Each piece of material has been selected to create a set of sensory sandbags that each feel different to the touch. Filled with sand the movement of the sandbag also creates a calming experience as the sand moves from side to side. 

Handmade by me, each set will be limited in numbers and new sets will be created.

The sensory sandbags have also been created with the environment in mind and filled with natural sand that will go back into the environment once their long life has come to an end. (no plastic pellets!)

An open ended toy for young children that can be used in so many ways, only limited by the imagination!  

Examples of play include

-A wonderful sensory experience

-Perfect for children in the trajectory schema 

-Imaginative play - use them as mountains, pillows, beds, walls or whatever you like!

-Throwing games

-Language experience - how do they feel? Soft, squishy, heavy, light? What are the different colours? How high can you throw them? A great way to introduce language of weights, textures, colours, heights, lengths and more in a fun experience.

Each set includes 4 sandbags.

Please note- As pictured the dark brown material can vary in print. Please email after purchase if you have a preference and we will do our best to help you. Thank you.

As the sandbags are handmade and made from different styles of material each sandbag can be unique in size and weigh. Weights can vary between 210 and 215 grams and measurements are approximately 10cm x 10cm. Each sandbag has been double stitched to prevent the sand from escaping and then has an outer cover in different textured material. 

Available in other designs 

Sandbags can be wiped down with a wipe to remove any marks. If necessary the sensory sandbags can be hand washed with care but require a long drying period in the sun, and must be turned onto each side during the drying stage. Care must be taken when using the sensory sandbags as excessive force can damage them.