Fairy Door -Mushroom

Fairy Door -Mushroom

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Mushroom Fairy Door

The cutest little fairy door in the shape of a mushroom! Welcome fairies into your garden by providing a special place for them to live. Hinges, door handle, stone doorstep and a caterpillar on the roof make this fairy door complete and will encourage your little one to use their imagination while playing outdoors. 

This fairy door also includes a hook attached to the back of the door that can be used to attach to a wall or tree.

The Details

Material:  Polyresin

Size:  9.5cm x 3cm x 11.5cm

Prolonged use outdoors may cause colours to fade. Keep out of direct sunlight.  

Applying a clear lacquer may help to prolong the effects if using outside.

May contain small parts and supervision is required when used by children. Not suitable for children under 5 and full supervision is recommended if children are using this product.